Gift a Pet Treater pack today!

It's simple!

  1. To get started, select which type of pet you are interested in gifting.
  2. Decide which pack you want to gift.
  3. Build your gift pack. Choose your gifting options (how many months to gift). Provide information on the pet, and click on "Give This Gift"
  4. Once you finish checkout, you will be promoted to generate a gift letter, perfect for at home printout and hand delivering, or you can have it emailed to your recipient.
  5. That's it! Happy gifting.


Treat Your Dog Treat Your Cat

A note about gifts:

  1. The subscriptions are non-renewing, which means they will be prepaid in advance and will not renew in payment.
  2. The products will ship monthly as indicated by which billing option is selected.
  3. We want to make this a great experience for your gift recipient and you as well. Any questions that you or your recipient may have, can always be handled by our awesome customer support team, via Live Chat, phone, or email!
  4. If your recipient move during their subscription - they can always reach out to us, and we will have their addresses changed and shipments routed to the new address.
  5. All shipments follow the same shipping events as our other boxes, and themes.

Contact us if you have further questions!